Player Accounts - Frequently Asked Questions


I have a question. What do I do now?

Forgot Password

I forgot my password. Can I open a new account? I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?

Forgot UserID

I forgot my User ID. Can I open a new account? What do I do if I have forgotten my User ID?


How do I upload an image? I uploaded an image, why is it not displaying at the tables?

Connection & Disconnection

I cannot connect to your server, what should I do? How do I send Log Files? Where will I find them? I continue to disconnect while playing. Please help!

Email Validation

It says I need to validate my email address. What is this all about? How do I validate my email address?

Game Integrity

How does your shuffle work? How do I know that it is fair?


I am unable to see some/any chat at the tables? Why can I not see my own chat at the tables, but other’s chat is visible? Another player is abusive. How can I make them stop? I lost my chat, but I did nothing wrong! What do I do now?

Missing features

I am missing a feature I previously used/need to use – how do I get the full-feature version of your software?

W-2G Queries

What is a W-2G? Will I have to request the form myself or is it sent automatically? When will I get my W-2G? What win will trigger a reportable W-2G event? Do I have to report a W-2G when I do my taxes? I received W-2G forms saying I have won a lot of money but overall I am down. Will I have to pay taxes based on these forms? Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings? Does PokerStars provide tax documents ? I won money for the year but did not receive any tax forms. Do I have to pay any taxes? I bet $800 on blackjack and won the hand for $1600. I only won $800 profit, why did I receive a W-2G tax form on this?

Ideas, feedback and suggestions

I have a great idea. Who can I address this to?